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Sunny Island Flavors

Beat the heat with Sunny Island Flavors! Our frozen sangrias and milkshakes are the perfect cool down. Dive into refreshing sangria flavors or indulge in creamy island-inspired milkshakes. It’s a taste of refreshment in every sip!


Citrus Frozen Sangria (PHP 460 nett)

White wine, lemonade, orange juice, lemon slice, honey, cointreau


Melon Frozen Sangria (PHP 460 nett)

White wine, melon syrup, melon fruit, cointreau


Tropical Frozen Sangria (PHP 460 nett)

White wine, pineapple juice, lychee syrup, coconut water, cointreau


Strawberry Frozen Sangria (PHP 460 nett)

Red wine, strawberry, orange juice, raspberry syrup, cointreau


Matcha Milkshake (PHP 340 nett)

Matcha, milk, ice cream, vanilla syrup


Summer Milkshake (PHP 340 nett)

Strawberry, milk, ice cream, graham crackers



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